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Infrared Facial Massager

Infrared Facial Massager

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A vibrating infrared massager with a smooth pellucid len surface which provides a high level of transparency for an un-altered, refraction-free infrared glimmer, for an elevated level of comfort and effect. Releases warm infrared light of above 680nm, a biologically suitable wavelength for human skin in color therapy. A non-allergenic textured attachment provides an added effect in massaging.

How to use: Apply a generous amount of serum/cream/lotion onto the surface of the massager disc, turn on vibration mode, and massage the desired area in gentle, circular motions. Allow 2 minutes for the disc to warm up. Usage duration should be kept between 10-15mins.

Safety Precautions: 
1. Only the massage surface is waterproof. Please keep the rest of the device away from water and wipe clean the surface after every use.
2. Power should be turned off after 15 minutes of use to avoid any discomfort and device overheating.
3. Should any discomfort occur, stop using it immediately.
4. Keep away from Children.

Made in Korea

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